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Give a Poker Chip Set - The Gift for All Seasons

With the growing popularity and acceptance of poker as a social table game in private households, many poker enthusiasts increasingly looked towards owning a poker chip set that they could pull out whenever family and friends gather together for a friendly game. One can never really be considered a serious poker player if he does not own a decent poker chip set that he could lug with him to party game venues. However, choosing the right chip set could be more daunting than one might expect considering the different types, sizes and denomination of chips offered by vendors nowadays. A poker chip set is an elegant, lasting gift that you could give to yourself, friends and loved ones who share your passion for the game.

Before you begin your search for the right poker chip set, ask yourself: Should you choose a pricey chip set or just the cheap stuff? If you have the money to spare, a pricey casino grade poker chip set whose "feel" is the closest thing to playing in a casino table is guaranteed to bring a big smile on the recipient's face. The next issue is how large a set should you give? If you have chosen to give the more expensive authentic stuff, then perhaps you can scrimp a little on the poker chip set size this time. Three hundred pieces would be just about fine for four to five players.

But what denominations do you have in mind for your chosen poker chip set size of three hundred pieces? For this small sized set, some vendors recommend three denominations, which following most casino practice, typically increase in multiples of 5. Hence, the recommended denominations would be in the range: one dollar, five dollars and twenty-five dollars. The best proportion of each denomination to the three hundred pieces size of the poker chip set would be a three-way split of 60 percent, 30 percent and 10 percent in favor of the smallest denomination. Applying this ratio on the recommended set size of 300 pieces would yield 180 chips of 1 dollar denomination, 90 chips of 5 dollar denomination and 30 chips of 25 dollar denomination.

To ensure portability and safety of your poker chip set gift, why not include a poker chip case to go along with it. There are four types of cases commonly used that are designed to hold three hundred pieces of chips, with enough room for storing dice and cards. The most popular of these are professional looking aluminum cases, followed by the classy leather cases, elegant oak cases and sturdy vinyl cases that come in different colors. You have the freedom to choose whatever poker chip set case best fit the personality and lifestyle of the lucky recipient.

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